Crouching Skunkette 4
(continued from page 3)

As you can see, Piper and I land safely on the ground, as Threnodi and Daffyd watch on. Piper is understandably excited, and jumps a bit, as normal kids do.
I tell Piper I had trained since I was 4, while executing a perfect back handspring, (pawspring<?>)  not easy in a kimono gown mind you.

But that's where I get careless as a stocking gets caught on a nail sticking up, and I trip, landing flat on my muzzle.

As Threnodi helps me up, we realize we had dented the porch.

And if you are wondering what the tiny Yasha is doing at bottom of page...
That, dear readers is Mini-Yasha... only 8 inches tall, and does a lot of repairs to bad page layouts and horribly bad jokes.

Here she is repairing the border from the previous page, humming a song to herself.

Want to see more of Mini-Yasha, let me or Threnodi know, and we will bring her on for more appearances.... Sugoi !

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