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Sabrina sat at her desk in her small bedroom, her computer on and she was  relaxing after her dinner. She was in a chat room with her fiance.

  >'Brina1: Yeah Chris, it was a pretty quiet day today, and Zig didn't even kiss me.

  >Chris: She didn't ?? Was she feeling ok?

  Sabrina giggled to herself.

  >'Brina1: What's wrong? You sound disappointed.... :p

  >Chris: Well, it's not every day you get kissed by a porn legend.

  >'Brina1: Would you rather kiss Zig-Zag instead of me?
  Chris thought to himself "Uhh-oh, trap question."

  >Chris: You need to ask Kitten? No one can kiss like you.

  >'Brina1: Good recovery >:) Zig was mainly working on some scripts for a video, she was having a mental block, and needed a break. So she came in my office and needed to see some pics from the Expo that I took.

  >Chris: She still wants you to act?  
  >'Brina1: Well in a roundabout way, the hints are still there. But I'd be terrified to be in front of a camera like that. With all the crew, lights, and stuff, I don't know how they do it.

  Chris saw his chance, grinning as he typed...

  >Chris: Err... you don't know HOW they do it? You need to watch some of Zig's videos for lessons. ^^

  Sabrina facepawed.

  >'Brina1: ...........

  ['Brina1  flattens Chris with a huge wooden mallot. Grrr...] You know what I meant you goof !! I know you wern't complaining last week. :/

 >Chris: Owww, ... I'm sorry Kitten, I was only kidding.

 [Chris grabs a pump and de-flattens himself, pfft... pfft... pfft...]
 ['Brina1 hugs Chris, kisses him on the cheek and fuzzles his hair.] You're forgiven Chris. I should have worded it better. Zig says it is a lot of work, dialog, camera angles, hot lights and stuff. I'd just rather work where I am.

  >Chris : I wouldn't know if I'd feel right, seeing you in a video. I'd wanna have you just to myself Kitten. [Chris kisses 'Brina1.]

  >'Brina1 : [Purrs in the kiss.] You already have me to yourself.

  [Chris looks up as another enters his apartment.] Kitten, I'm gonna have to get offline now. Dex just stopped over, he says hello.

  >'Brina1 : [Awwwss to herself, hugkisses Chris night.] Awww ok Chris, tell Dex hi, and to Angel too. Now you two play nice. :)

  [Dexter tears keyboard from Chris's paws.]

  >Dex : Hey Mrs. Foxx to be... how are ya?

  >'Brina1 : I'm counting the weeks till I start for your company. [Smiles sweetly] You keeping an eye on him there?

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