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Warning: This chapter contains brutal violence, fighting, nudity, and some adult situations. If you don't wanna read it, go to page 4 or jump off the site. Consider yourself warned. But if you  read, then complain to me about the content, I'll just point you to the warning here and consider you a moron for complaining after reading this rather obvious note.


     A large group of males were gathered out front of their local store, a favorite hangout of the rowdier of furs. A car stereo was booming next to the group of baggy jeaned roughians. The basketball jerseys hanging to their knees, and a few were talking as loud as the stereo, or bobbed their heads to the beat of the songs from the stereo.

  One of the males, a rough looking razorback, with an equally rough looking jacket and voice, turned to the mastiff that sat beside him. "Hey, your stereo sounds damn good man, what ya got in there?"

  "New setup from Dominic's, lets just say I got a great deal. Pays off when a brother works at the counter." The mastiff grinned as he slow punched the razorback's raised fist. "The boss had no idea we lifted the equipment."

  One of the mastiff's friends pointed down the street. "Hey, yo Scratch, take a look at the set of legs coming up the street !"

  The razorback looked and whistled, grinning to his buddy. "Talk about Little Ho Peep, looking for my sheep." He followed every step of the black and white suited woman till she was a block away. Then he stood at the base of the steps, as she still approached. "Watch this."

  The woman hummed to herself, as she walked, her three inch heels clicking on the cracked sidewalk. Keeping an eye watching the group, gathered ahead of her, she stopped in front of the group and smiled.

  "Hello Nurse, what brings a tasty looking female to my block, Little Red riding in my Hood?" The razorback bowed low, exaggeratedly, as a few others snickered loudly.

  "And I suppose you are thhe Big Bad Wolf?" The blond female crooked her head to the side and smiled pleasantly.

  "Nope, that's Al Karsi." The razorback jabbed a thumb towards a slinky looking wolf at the top of the steps. "I'm Scratch, the baddest one everyone here answers to."

  "Well Mr. Scratchh, it seems I hhave business to discuss withh you." The blond looked over to the alley. Her fine reptilian features were highlighted from the overhead street lamp. She hissed to herself slightly, barely noticeable, as her blue-green eyes with pie cut pupils watched him. "Is thhere a place we can talk?"

  "My office is just round the corner." Scratch motioned round the corner to the back alley.

  She complied and walked ahead, as he watched her rear sway "I hope this plan includes you and the removing of your clothes."

  The woman turned as she stepped onto the loading platform, about three feet above the pavement. Her skirt was slit up the side to her hip, the black stockings and edge of her garter belt were in plain view. "I'm not for sale, and you couldn't hhandle a real woman like me on my worst day. I'm hhere to inquire of protection."

  Scratch blinked, then grinned to his buddies. "I'm sure we can arrange that, after I take the first payment with you on your back."

  The female just shook her head as she took out her palm pilot from her jacket pocket, and read off her notes to the large group only a few feet from her. "As owners of thhis area's drug market, you net nearly $50,000 a monthh. Hhalf of which you pay to your supplier,  Shhaky A, a lion from Chhicago, that drives a black Lincoln Navigator. Leaving you $25,000 a monthh to divide among yourselves." The woman clicked closed her palm pilot, and tucked it into her jacket. "I'm taking you over as your boss."

  "What??" Scratch looked back at her, the smile faded from his muzzle rather quickly, and he laughed right at her. "You taking me out? What's your cut?"

  "$20,000 a monthh, but I provide wages, benefits, and bonuses for sales quota every monthh. Including protection from the law." She spoke in a sharp businesslike tone. "You keep thhe $5,000, on top of the wages I pay you. But if you dare miss a payment, I'll hhave the entire lot of you fed to your rivals, the East Side Bloodhhounds, withh no protection. I'm just offering you a better deal."

  Scratch reached into his pocket for his knife. "Yo! I don't think you know who your messin' with. But I'm gonna slice off your skirt, pass you around to my crew, then shove that palm pilot up your ass !! What you think of that, you rich bitch?"

  The woman shook her head sadly. "As exxpected, but thhere's an additional perk that my organization hhas available, thhat I hhavn't told you of yet." She snapped her fingers and patted her right side twice. "But if you are gonna try getting into my panties, you can't, because I'm not wearing any."

  Almost instantly, a shadow ricocheted down from the rooftop above, landing on the landing dock, on one knee beside the woman. The figure was dressed in a black robe, with a hood covering their head and face, and a wide bow around their tail. The figure was a female skunk, but little else was shown.

  "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, and my servant to you. I'm Keiku Hebi, The Viper, and my pet, Kuroi-mo-Shiraja.... White with Gray." She patted the servant's shoulder.

  "Your pet?" A husky spoke up from the side of the group. "Can she do tricks, like fetch my bone?" The others laughed beside him.

  "Oh muchh more thhan thhat, please show thhem your insignia my dear." Keiku smiled as her pet stood, and in one fluid motion was disrobed.

  She was only wearing thigh high leggings with rubber soles for climbing and kicking. But the hood and face were still covered, her identify a secret, her long hair tied into a tight long braid. Her fur was an off white, with ash gray paws and tail stripe. She was definitely a skunk, but reverse colored.

  Wrapping up from her left thigh, across her flat stomach and around her back, was a brilliant dragon furtoo. The sapphire blues, and emerald greens shimmered as it wrapped upward around her body to her left shoulder, ending as it climbed over her shoulder, its maw close to the top of her left breast, opened in a roar. The furtoo was done in such detail, it appeared ready to leap from her body.

  She was in full view to the others, from her small breasts, to her grayed crotch fur and tail stripe, her only natural coloring.

  "Woo, a two yiff for one deal. Boys, get ready for a female feast. I've got dibbs on the blond, you can have her skunk pet." Scratch pulled his knife out, and started for Keiku.

  "Dude, you got no idea what shit you're getting into." The slinky wolf turned and ran out of there, pointing to the skunk. "A japanese fur with a furtoo like that, means only one thing, the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. You don't mess with them, I'm outta here !!"

  "I'm gonna enjoy yiffing your skull lady, after I slice your throat !" Scratch raised the knife to his mouth, licking the blade, as he took a step toward the two ladies.

  "Shhow thhem your claws, my dear." Keiku stood with her arms folded in front of her, as Pet unsheathed her claws on her right paw as she held her wakazashi (one handed short katana) in her left. "Go."

  The mastiff drew his pistol and held it gangster style, just as Pet samurai leaped, landing in the middle of six furs.

  "Yo, Get that goddamn pet, while I get the blond !" Scratch took three steps before seeing what was happening to his gang.

  Pet landed directly in front of the mastiff, as he drew down on her with his pistol, and fired off two quick rounds. Pet dropped to all fours, and knocked his feet out from under him. One bullet bounced of a wall, and into the ground while the other zinged right past Keiku's ear.

  As the mastiff fell, Pet punched him square in the muzzle, breaking it. But before he had the chance to scream, Pet sliced his gun arm up to the elbow. He howled for a few seconds, before a slash to the neck killed him.

  Pet jumped upward, and spun kicked, her foot landing in another gang member's face, a jackal, knocking him clear off his feet. As she landed, she doused the area in skunk spray, blinding the other four. As one wolf choked, she drove her sword into his chest, then slicing outward to the side, nearly tearing his ribcage in half.

  She growled as she took a step toward Scratch, but a huge ferret blocked her way, armed with a board. "Come on, lets see how fast you are with a board shoved up your ass, you skunk bitch !"

  He took a swing at her, and then dodged her sword, and knocked it from her paw. "I'm gonna split your head open, Pet !"

  But pet dove to her front paws, and sprung upward in a paw spring. Catching the back of her knee around his jaw, she arched her back, and the momentum carried her in an arc around behind him and drove them both to the ground. She then locked her other leg against her ankle, then tightened, till his spinal cord was snapped.

  The others clamored against each other as they tried to escape with their lives, after seeing three furs killed, and another one knocked unconscious in about 45 seconds.

  Pet stooped down, and picked up the bloodied blade, and kept the tip close to the ground, stepping toward him as Scratch back peddled against a far wall, keeping his knife tight in his hand.

  "It was a shhame thhat you didn't take thhe deal, Mr. Scratchh." Keiku hissed angrily as she stepped from the loading dock, her four inch fangs unfolded from her upper jaw, as she flexed her neck muscles, forming the telltale hood of a cobra. "Whho do you thhink sold Shhaky A hhis Navigator? Hhe boughht it from ME !"

  "Hey... we can still deal right? I'll give you everything, please !" Scratch begged for his life, as Pet stood just a few feet away from him.

  Keiku stood and watched Pet stare at Scratch groveling, and smiled. "Whhat do you thhink pet, kiss and make up?"

  Pet nodded unemotionally, as she started purring, as she wrapped her arms around Scratch, kissing him right on the muzzle.

  As soon as her defenses were down, Scratch leered as he aimed his knife toward Pet's side, driving it upward, cutting into her side. "Say goodbye to your Skunk pet !"

  But Pet felt his shift and spun herself tighter into his arms. Grabbing the knife hand, and drove it into his collar, splattering her    face and side with his blood, as she panted heavily from the wound in her side, that fortunately wasn't deep, but it bloodied her hip crimson.

  "Now it's time for me to kiss you, since you hurt my dear pet." Keiku walked up to Scratch, then sunk her fangs deep into his throat, venomiting him.

  As Scratch slumped downward against the wall, feeling the poisons flowing through his veins, he managed to get a perfect view of Keiku and Pet, as they stood over him. Indeed Keiku didn't have any panties on, she only had a small patch of blond crotch hair, stockings, and a garter belt, under her skirt.

  Pet placed her tail tip in blood and started scrawling an intricate design about three feet square above his head, as Scratch felt his muscles cramping from the venom. "W... what .... is sh..e doi...ng?"

  "Ohhh, Pet is leaving her mark for othhers to see, as a warning, so to speak." Keiku gave Pet a soft kiss after she finished. "Go to thhe rental apartment above my office, and washh thhe blood out of your fur, it's all over you. But be sure to finishh withh Mr. Scratchh before you go."

  Pet picked up her sword, and decapitated him in one shot. CHOCK. The grin still on his muzzle, as his head rolled to his knees. She then wiped her blade clean on a dry spot on his jeans before getting dressed, as she was told.


  Later, after a hot bath, and Keiku stitching Pet's wound closed, Keiku was brushing Pet's long hair, as they sat on Pet's bed in the apartment above the Koi Pond restaurant.

  Pet sat obediently on the bed as Keiku brushed her long hair, dressed in a simple oversized T-shirt with an Anime drawing on the front.

  "Todachhi, what's thhe matter? You hhaven't said a word since we got hhome." Keiku put her hand on Todachi's shoulder soothingly.

  Todachi just sighed to herself, shrugging lightly. looking out the window just off the edge of the bed.

  "Is it about thhe gang?" Keiku asked as she resumed brushing Todachi's hair. "Thhey were bad furs sweetie. I hhad no intention of hhiring drug dealers to work for me, or get close to you."

  Todachi meekly pulled her arms around her knees and hugged them to her chest. Her ears were a light pink as she blushed a bit.

  Seeing the blush, Keiku added, "Was it about fighhting in your fur?"

  Todachi blinked and nodded.

  "Ok sweetie. I promise not to expose your fur in public again." Keiku put the brush down, and laid her chin on Todachi's shoulder, after she finished brushing her hair and tail caressingly. "But, remember your duties to me my dear are first, my pet. Whho knows, maybe a sweet young male skunk will sweep you off your feet, and take you away from hhere after seeing you dance."

  Todachi turned and hugged Keiku around the neck, kissing her cheek, but shaking her head slowly. "Pet love Mistress, Pet no want leave home."


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