Crouching Skunkette-page 2
(Continued from page one)

   The scene continues after I ask Piper if I can carry her in my arms, as I samurai leap from branch to branch in the trees surrounding the grounds.
   Threnodi and Daffyd exchange glances, (and if you were wondering, Threnodi's eyes are black with light pupils, kinda freaky, but she is a dragoness after all...) and watch as Piper frees herself from my arms, and lands in the thick branches in a game of hide and seek.
   I search for her in the branches, as I hear a rustle and a giggle from the tree branches behind and above my ears.
   After hearing Piper, I leap closer to her, as Daffyd comments on my jumping skills, (hee hee... ^^: ) and Piper says that I'm too big to get to her.
   That.... is all the challenge I need.

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