Crouching Skunkette, Hidden Dragon.
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This set of three comic pages are drawn by the immensly talented Threnodi, the Dragoness... From a Roleplay scene in WolfSinger Muck.

Threnodi, the young woman with the black hair in her hyooman form, with her boyfriend Daffyd, Piper, a young girl about six years old, who loves to dream of flying, and myself.

   The scene happens after we goodbye to a friend for the evening. Piper, in seeing the Gryphon fly off and leave, jumps and runs in the grass like she is flying. I smile as I watch her run and giggle, and then I suggest to carry Piper, and to let me swing her in the air.
   Thren and Daffyd watch smiling as I lift and swing Piper in my arms. In seeing Daffyd laughing to himself, I place Piper on the grass, and then tackle and carry Daffyd through the grounds, in a show of humor.

   At least I dodn't wedgie him then. I'm known in FurryMuck,  SPRmuck, and Wolfsinger, that I wedgie only for two reasons. To be
funny to my friends, or to ward off anyone else who feels the need
to sneak a grope on a skunkette. But if the wedgie wont get the point across, then I'll need to resort to spraying.... which I personally don't care for. I have known Daffyd a long time, so he fits into the 'friends' list, and Threnodi is a new friend to me, and a mate to Daffyd.  
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