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Mirror'd Images


     The restaurant was elegant, to say the least. Called the Koi Pond, it was a cornerstone in Chinatown. Thick wooden beams were arched over the doors, etched with twin dragons across the top, with heavy spotless glass doors were opened for each guest as they entered and left. Once inside, a wooden planked floor polished to glass smoothness, was the reservation stand, also made of the same glass.

     A young male fox dressed in a simple but perfectly pressed  gray suit took their seating reservations at the inner entrance to the dining area. "Shepherd, table for two? Your waitress, Kael, will be right over to seat you both. Enjoy your dinner and show."  He bowed pleasantly to them both, as a young black female feline arrived wearing a soft gray kimono dress, with 2 large Koi fish emblazoned on her outfit, shown them to their table off to one side, near a rise in the gray and black marble floor.

      "Please, here are your menus, anything to drink first, Ma'am, Sir?" Kael's voice was thick in accent, but her english and grammar was perfect. Her green eyes contrasted sharply against her all black fur while her long straight black hair, was held with two Japanese needles complimented her attire.

      They both ordered white wine, and placed their orders, as soft instrumental music played in the background. After a few minutes, thier dinners arrived.

     "This is a nice place, please thank Lillian for the idea." James looked around after they started eating their meal. "I've always seen it as I drove past to other client's  jobs, but never knew it was this nice.

     "It is nice, im definitely impressed, the food here is perfect." Zig agreed with a smile that melted James's knees. "I wonder what they meant by a show?"

      Just as she asked that, the male fox had appeared at the rise in the floor and clapped just loud enough for everyone to hear, drawing their attention.

     "I think we are about to find out." James replied as he chewed on a slice of crab meat nestled in noodles.

       "Dear guests, we hope you are enjoying your meal here, and would like to add to your evening with a small show, a performance for your entertainment." He started with a smile, just as Kael arrived at their table.

       Zig leaned toward the waitress, and whispered in a hushed voice. "What kind of show?"

      Kael just smiled in return, as she held her paws in her wide sleeves, just as the house lights dimmed, and the soft Japanese music rose a bit in volume. "Twice a week there is a performance during the dining hours, a 15 minute treat for us, for the guests and the employees here. She just arrived from Hokkaido, Japan last week. Her name is Todachi, she is absolutely jaw dropping in her performance."

      A lone figure walked out from a side door, holding a set of huge fans, dressed in a fine silk kimono, bright blue with violets surrounding her. She arranged  everything at the foot of the rise. and stood with the fans in each paw, as the small crown applauded softly as she entered. She was a skunk, but a reverse colored one, as far as Zig could tell.

      Instead of being the standard black with white stripes, the dancer was white with a gray tail stripe, and white hair down to her lower back, razor  straight.

      With the music started, the dancer held a long bo staff in her paws, and she spun and started a slow routine, where she was defending against five attackers simultaneously. As she spun and whirled, the music slowly built to a climax, with the  dancer ending in a full split, with her eyes closed.
     The small audience and employees applauded softly, as the dancer laid the staff down on the back of the small stage, and picked up two large sapphire blue silk  fans, one in each paw.
      A much softer song was played on the speakers, as the skunk danced and whirled slowly, almost enticingly to the onlookers, diners and employees alike. The fans giving just glimpses as the skunk spun, her long kimono flowing outward, almost as long as her tail, which arched upward, swaying counter balanced to her hips. As the song continued, the dancer's kimono was slowly coming undone, however planned, as she danced. A paw here, sliding behind her, untying her obi, and within a turn, her robe was completely open, wearing just the faintest of fur body suits, matched her own fur coloring, appearing nude, but just an illusion. And as the song ended, she knelt on the stage, just the fans covering her, as everyone applauded louder, seeing the end of her performance.

    "Wow." Zig-Zag watched the dancer, studying her as she performed. "She has a great stage presence."
     "She must have your attention, Zig." James replied with a nod, sipping his wine. "You didn't hear a word I said to you during her dance."

     "I'm sorry  for that James." Zig apologised as her ears drooped a small bit. "It was a very good show, she definately has talent."

      Kael had appeared back at their table after they had finished dinner, asking if they wanted desert. After placing thier order, Zig motioned to the waitress.

     "I was wondering, if there was a way to tell the young dancer her show was appreciated ?" Zig asked as James sipped his coffee, having enjoyed the dinner

      Kael thought to herself a moment, then offered to show Zig the way to the small dressing rooms, in the private area reserved for the employees. She had knocked twice on the door, and entered inside as Zig waited in the hallway for a few moments.

      The door had swung open, and Kael stood with the young dancer in the doorway. The dancer was wearing a pair of jeans and a half t-shirt, and smiled as she stood beside Kael. "Todachi, you have someone who appreciated your routine." She said so Zig could hear, then translated into Japaneese for the dancer to understand easier.

     Todachi's face brightened as she smiled politely and bowed. She then replied to Kael a fast spoken sentence with a blush at the end, nodding as Kael translated.

      "Todachi-san, has replied that you are the first one to compliment her on her routine, besides the employees here. She appreciates the compliment a lot." Kael smiled, as Todachi continued to speak when the translation was finished. "She also said that you are very distinct looking as she herself is."

      "I'm part tiger, my grandfather, I inherited his stripes." Zig bowed to the dancer.

      She was about to say something else, when a larger male bobcat came down the hall, and waved to Kael, and Todachi, talking in Japanese. Then with a nod to everyone, ushered Todachi down the hall to an office door, and stepped inside.

     "I'm sorry Miss, but Todachi has other obligations it seems. May I bring you back to your table please?" Kael apologised with her eyes down a bit, as she led Zig back to where James sat, watching them walk across the floor. "I hope Miss had a nice time here this evening."

     James stood as he pulled the chair for Zig,  Kael smiled and whispered to Zig, "You train him well... < wink>.

     Zig nodded as James finished his coffee, watching Kael walk off to attend the other patrons. "Did you manage to meet the dancer?"

      "I did, tho Kael translated for her." Zig replied as she stretch-fanned her paws catlike, as she crossed her ankles beneath her seat. "She is barely 5'2" tall, and polite as well, but dosent know english very well I think. Before asking anything else, she was ushered out to an office. More work I guess."

     James nodded as he reached for his jacket, and then slid Zig's chair out for her, since the check for dinner was on the table.  "Ready to go Zig?"

     Zig smiled as he held her shoulder gently, as she stood up, and tucked her arm inside his, walking out beside him to pay for their dinner.