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Yasha:> Well, I guess your wondering what happened since the last update from the old site. Believe me, it's a lot, so if you have a few minutes, please let me explain....

June 2001:
     We (everyone here in the site, besides Anna and K'sharra, whom you'll meet in a minute...) all moved from Delaware County, Pa. To Lewes-Rehobeth Beach, Delaware area, into brother's home. Just as we all got settled, the harddrive in the laptop went plooey, and we lost everything, the old site, updates, art, the whole ka-boodle. Needless to say... it took a long time to get everything in some kind of order.
     Having to start from scratch was bad, but what was really sad, was the web page provider (NoMonthlyFees.com) pulled the plug on the web builder. So, we had to start all over yet again.  
     Well, not knowing a thing of HTML, I frequented FurryMuck, and SPRmuck, in finding help to redo the old site. The old site was sad looking to say the least, and was a dissapointment, but at least gave me an idea of what went into building a site. So, after trying a number of wysiwyg programs, and chatting with other furs, I had met K'sharra the tigeress in a stroke of absolute luck.

     After meeting and asking her for help, she was hired on the spot.
     Her talent as an artist, and web designer, is nothing short of amasing, only surpassed by her patience with all my questions and suggestions. Always smiling, she is happy to give a paw in help to make this site looking much better.

     December 2001:
     Kimono drives 9 hours / 400 miles due south, to a small southern town, where Anna Bunny resides. After some nervous hellos and smiles, Kimono and Anna were soon a couple, and on Christmas eve, he proposed to her, giving her a half karat diamond ring. They are now happily engaged, and waiting to find a place to stay.
     Keep them in prayer, as everyone might need to move again, till Anna or Kim can nail down a more permanent residence.

     And on a sadder note, the SDE wagon, Ford LTD II, is now non running, due to  a bad combination of age, miles, a small paying job, and a burned up transmission. So if anyone has a mid sized car, wagon, Ford Ranger Pickup, <2wd> or Chevy Astro-Van for sale cheap, please notify us here. We really need the help.

Much thanks..... -Yasha