Thank You Page
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   Yasha: [bows to you as you ready to leave] I wish to thank you, the visitors to my site, for taking a peek. But before you depart, please remember to tell others of Edo Fields, and do see the sites and links in the link pages....

   Personally, we all thank our friends in the Furry community, artists, writers, and fans for thier help, support and never ending patience to us in helping get the page up and running.

Yasha [gives a hug and a kiss to her friends on FurryMuck, Social-Political-Ramifications...SPR muck and Wolfsinger Muck...] Sherri, Kyron, Rendis the Ocelot (often the victim of my harsh wedgies, but takes them in stride, so to speak lolol... ;] ) Fire-Of-Moon my Mate the colorshifting Skunk, my daughter Sheeana & Cillia, Sparrohawc, Threnodi, Decana, Darksides, Graytail, Eapa the winged huggable serpent sister snakie (Who has a HUGE fan following bordering on rabid... hee hee.) Lady Dyrk the Dragoness, the friends from Delphic Water Caverns, Blackdraggon (by far the funniest Dragon on Muck I know) Aosha the femme Cheetah . Shadran and her circle of friends, especially Maureen for helping create Yasha-Myr and Kimono-skunk in Furrymuck, Zander (my adopted brother), and his wife Chahala, 'Tasha, The Dojo fighters, and mostly to Danruk the Roo, Altarskunk, Angelbear and especially to Pantheris of God's Furs, who got me and Kimono on Muck in the first place, we are forever gratefull.

   Kimono: [bows humbly] Thanks to everyone above, (and including from Tapestries Muck...) Lady_Pondora (the vixen), Lady Sounn, Perky,Tessie (the kyooote squirrel girl), Azael, and Lady-Kasumi (furs who id always have watch my back), Kodachi, Lady Shymmer and my friends at the Black Beach, and the Tavern.

   Joseph: [smiles as he puts his arms around Yasha's and Kimono's shoulders]                      I'll try to keep this short, but theres too many people... Firstly to God above, for giving me the chance to live everyday, my family, including Mike, Dana, Dave and the kids, and my Parents, who seemlessly endure my ramblings online.  
My Fiance' Anna, from North  Carolina, whom  I'm eternally grateful to have met, and love for life. She is by far, the kindest, stunningly beautiful, most affectionate woman that I can love, I'm just amased that she hasn't been snapped up by anyone else. Jeff and Tony C. (my best friends of over 20 years), Curt and Lynne, with thier new baby, (I was honored to give Lynne away at her wedding, ....) Max Black Rabbit (Whom I met at Anthrocon, and has given me permission to use Zig Zag, and for his much needed help in story ideas. Reggie Byers (the vastly talented artist and my best brother in Phila for getting me into the huge world of anime. High 5's to you bro....) Art Wendler, Apple computer afficianado, and Jackie-Chan nutcase, getting me into the movies too... (Look up his art page, Please...)and my friends at Christian Cruisers in Feasterville, Pa. (Calvary Chapel, Pastor Joe Foscht) Paul and Cyndi Carracappas. Your prayers are fully appreciated. And to my friends at IRC Copchat-Law Enforcement chat, (you know who ya are.... smilewaves)