September 11, 2001
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  I promise, to never forget those that perished on that dark day....
From the office workers in the towers, to all the firefighters,
police officers, paramedics, and complete strangers that helped
the victims.
   Those that risked thier lives to save the others, and for those that
gave thier lives, each and every one of them are True Heroes.

     I might go on a rant of how wrong it was, or be enraged toward the absolute cowards that planned the attack, and yell at the scoffers I hear in chats, saying that we as a country had it coming.  And to the morons that think that killing innocents guarantee them a ticket to heaven... they are so sadly mistaken.

     But I wont.

     I'll just let the thumbnail pictures tell the story...these are gathered from VCL, and are some of my personal favorites, in no paticular order.

     I think the song by Don Henley, "New York Minute" would be applicable here.... I apologize for not having the midi to it tho... if you find it? Please send it to me? And Ill give credit to you here for it .....

Also give  "Freedom" by Wayne Watson, a listen.... Its not the rehash of Paul McCartany's "Freedom"... Mr. Watson came out with it about 8-10 years ago.

I was just wondering if Paul gave credit to Wayne for the lyrics and music, if you listen to them both, they are VERY similar..... but Wayne's reaches to you deeper in a spiritual level, and I feel that's what we need as a nation, recovering from this disaster.

     "Because Freedom without Jesus, is just another wall...... " Wayne Watson

This drawing is from Eric Schwartz, creator of the incredible
Sabrina-Online comic series. A MUST READ if you like stories with
believable characters, and first rate story telling.

This pic was done by Sonique of Tailswish studios.... simply incredible art.