Yasha's Biography
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Yasha-Myr (Myriyev), created, registered by Joseph A. Bullard, originally created February 20, 1992.
created for Furry Muck registry on February 20, 2000. And on Social Political Ramifications Muck on February 20, 2001.

Both on her web site and domain name registry on February 13, 2001.


Character Biography:

Yasha is a female anime mephit (skunk), standing at only 5'2, somewhat short for a female of her species. However, her stature, looks, and personality are near unmatched.

Originally from Edo, Japan. Circa 1532 AD. She has been alive for nearly 480 years, serving a Daimyo, (Shogunite Lord) named Tokugawa, and served him and the clan for nearly 19 generations, only retiring after the last Tokugawa died of old age.

She now stays at the old Tokugawa temples, away from society, secluded from the public, for fear of being discovered as a fur. Her remaining at the temples have given her a sense of home, and she very rarely ventures outside, usually under heavy disguise, and sticking to the thick forests on her lands. She keeps the repairs on the temples up to snuff, and is proud of her bonsai garden, which she spends her evenings, oftentimes drawing or practicing Haiku, Japanese Poetry.

Her appearance, as noted before, is quite striking. Even her coloring is different than normal skunks. Her coloring, being reversed, is a lighter gray, almost off white, or bone colored. And her muzzle down to her throat is dark gray with a stripe down her back, and to her tail, to the tip, and including her intimate fur. Her hair is white, contrasting against her fur, pulled from the top left side of her head, covering the right side of her face in a type of veil, ending at the base of her tail in like a long wave. Her eyes, almond/triangular in shape. Her irises are greyish-green, but pupiless, in anime style.

Her hands are five fingered, with her claws tapered and shaped down, but still fairly sharp. A wide paw pad is on her palm, as for each of her fingers. Darker gray fur, matching her stripes, covers her hands (gloves), feet (boots), and muzzle. She walks on the balls of her feet, on a wide pad, and a pad for each of her five toes.

She loves clothing, and keeping comfortable. Her outfits are usually kimonos of varying lengths. From just ending to her hip, to long elegant silken robes to her ankles. A favorite of hers being a violet one, trimmed along the hems in thin crimson flames, edging up the hems of her top robe to her collar, waist and sleeves.