Spoken Without a Sound
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Mirror'd Images

 ( Please note: This story will be updated almost weekly, so please be patient... there is a lot to cover, so enjoy. And this story is copy written, Joseph A. Bullard, please don't copy, or edit it, its mine, ok?)


 Zig-Zag was at her desk, late on a thursday afternoon,  going over scripts for a video that had just finished main shooting. Just needing filler added to link the other scenes together. Furrowing her brows in thought, a pen with an eraser cap tapped her lip as she read and re-read the scenes. Unsure if it was worded right, she drew a red line through the text, and added her own. With a small star showing her added wording with ZZ beside it.

 Tap.... tap.... tap.... tap....

 She would go over the script with Martin, her head producer, since the edits to the scripts were finalized with both of them agreeing on the changes, oftentimes, bouncing ideas off each other till something fits.

 Her thinking, though, since returning from the Adult Film Expo last week, was muddled at best. Unable to concentrate, she looked up to the section of wall in her office to a picture that had been done of her. Lying atop of a grand piano, Zig was dressed elegantly in a tuxedo, and smiled delightfully at the camera, her tiger-skunk-striped tail unfurled and in full view.

 The picture was taken near the top of her acting career in adult video and films, six years ago. Her expression conveyed both strength and defiance. A simpler time when  most every script she took on turned to gold, where sales exceeded the previous movie she starred in by 10-15 percent. Simpler times then, but also very exciting times.

 Tap.... tap.... tap.... tap....

 She pressed the intercom, and beeped the extension.

 "Yes Zig?" Sabrina looked up as she edited some box art for the video on her screen. Sabrina Mustelidae was the newest employee of ZZ Studios, one that Zig had hired on the spot from her resume. She was a petite skunk, with shorter white hair, glasses, and a thick volumous tail that she had the tip rolled onto itself. Zig had no idea how she did that, and gave up after trying a few times to roll her own tail.

 "Can you give me some help?"  Zig closed her eyes and rubbed her temples as her thoughts became disjointed again. "I'm in a bit of a mental block."

 "Sure, Id like to help." Sabrina grabbed her writing pad and pen, and started out of her chair towards the door. "I'll be right over."

 "No, stay there, I need to see some proofs from last week's expo if you have them there? I'll be right down." Zig hung up the phone and grabbed the script, and carried it in her paw to Sabrina's office.

 A few minutes later, Zig and Sabrina was checking over the camera photos scanned onto Sabrina's computer screen, and pointing to which they liked best. Zig was feeling a bit more relieved, as the script sat unopened. Zig sat to the right of Sabrina in a plush desk chair, smiling to herself.

 Sabrina pointed to a particular picture, "This is where you signed the fan's 'Dangerous Invitation' picture, his knees were almost knocking when he met you." She giggled at his expression, as he watched Zig give an eye full as she signed the picture with a soft smile.

 "I must've fallen on my butt, or on my chest more times to count getting that shot right, I was sore all over during the next day. But that is still one of the best selling pictures available." Zig replied as she rubbed her tail remembering walking in pain the next day, hardly anything had gotten done until she was feeling better.

 "Well as big as your chest and your rear are, you should've bounced right back up to your feet." Sabrina poked her tongue out as she play ducked a coming swing from her boss, giggling to herself.

 Zig had just sat and grinned. "For that, you just signed on the next video. Lets see... a walk in role, playing a french maid, wearing a tiny outfit, with a feather duster and stockings. There's one in the wardrobe room." Zig pointed to a thumbnail image on Sabrina's screen, near the bottom of the list. "Sabrina, what does that picture show?"

 Sabrina groaned for a second, then looked to the screen herself, and clicked on the image to put it on full screen with her mouse. "Um... I think this was in the dealer room, after you signed the picture. I wandered for a bit."

 The image popped up, and shown a crowd growing around a small but well stocked table, in front of a flat screen monitor. And on the monitor shown a single image, the profile of a female skunk, from the rear, drawn as with a wide brush, her profile only visible from the left side. Along with a side shot of her face, and eye, showing the only coloring on screen, the green emerald eye of the female looking at you. Under the image it simply read....

 "Pet, ....arriving next month." Diamondback Video Productions.

 After looking at the image for a few moments with Zig-Zag, Sabrina changed the subject. "Zig, you going out to dinner tonight with James?"

 "Yes and thank you for reminding me Sabrina, I have to go pick up the dress from Lilian's shop on the way out." Zig sighed happily to herself, thinking of James holding her. She suddenly realized Sabrina was staring at her with a silly grin on her face. "what?"

 "You look the same way I do when I think about Chris." Sabrina smiled as she clicked her engagement ring on her desk for emphasis. "Are they good thoughts?"

 "That's a silly question to ask in a porn studio...." Zig leaned over and whispered in her ear what some of those thoughts were, and Sabrina flushed crimson in embarrassment.

 "Geez Zig, I guess being subtle is out of the question?" Sabrina rubbed her paw on her temple as Zig got up to go back to her office, carrying the script. "Umm.... what about the script?"

 "I think it'll pass for viewable. I just have to let Marvin go over it before changing it." Zig smiled as she left Sabrina's office, clicking the door closed. "Thank you Sabrina."

 Back at her desk, Zig picked up the phone and dialed Shepherd Computer Systems.

 "Hello, Shepherd Computer Systems, How can I direct your call today?" The secretary sounded cheerful.

 "James Shepherd please?" Zig still liked the customer service Shepherd's stressed in, very pleasant. That was the first thing she liked about the company. Eager to help her studio with a bad computer problem, on a Friday afternoon no doubt. And the second surprise was the owner of the company coming to do the service call himself. And that made Zig smile as she waited for the phone to connect.

 The receptionist beeped back on as she connected the extension. "Mr. Shepherd just hung up on his line, I'll put you through now. Thank you for choosing Shepherd Computer Systems."

 After two rings, it was picked up.

 "Hello, James Shepherd here..."

 With a giggle to herself, she let out a couple of deep sighs, right into the mouthpiece.

 "Hello Zig..." James laughed to himself as he heard his girlfriend's attempt at a prank call. "I thought the prank callers breathed heavy as they called you."

 "Hello Mr. Shepherd." Zig turned on the charm, purring to herself as she reclined in the chair at her desk. "I was wondering if I can arrange an appointment tonight with the owner, perhaps over dinner?"

 "That'll be nice. Do you have any idea where you'd like to go?" James couldn't help but smile as he imagined Zig in a nice dress. Well, she never had an outfit that didn't make her look bad.

 "I think Lillian suggested to me a Japanese restaurant she went to. She said the food was very good, and it was elegant." Zig hummed to herself, as she dangled her shoe on her toe.

 "Lillian? Is she one of your models?" James tried fitting the name with one of Zig's stunning models, but drew a blank.

 "Oh no, she's our wardrobe designer. I also have all my outfits made from her exclusively." Zig smoothed the material on her dress with a paw lazily. "She won a few awards in the industry for yours truly, by the way."

 Now it was James' turn to laugh to himself. "I don't suppose the award was for fastest removal of clothing?"

 "You goof, it was for outstanding wardrobe designs." Zig furrowed her brow and smiled to herself. "Just for that, I wont tell you what I will wear tonight. I'll just have to keep the smelling salts ready in my purse in case you faint."

 "What time shall I pick you up, at the studio, or your home?" James smiled as he wrote the time on his pad. "I'll see you then ok Zig?"

 "Yes." Zig blew James a kiss. "I can't wait."

 "Oh, Zig?"

 "Hmm?" Zig was about to hang up the phone, but caught herself.

 "Thank you for choosing Shepherd Computer Systems." James laughed as he hung up his phone with a kiss.

 All Zig-Zag could do was laugh lightly, as she dialed the number to Lillian's.


 And as promised, James had arrived at Zig's home  promptly at 6:30pm. As he rang the bell, his mind tried to guess what kind of outfit Zig was wearing, but wasn't ready for the vision that he seen.

 Zig-Zag was completely nude, all she wore was a bright smile, and she motioned with her paw, waving him inside. Her white furred body, and mesmerizing stripe pattern were stunning to say the least. "I wanted to greet my boyfriend the best way I know." She purred to herself, as she gently tugged his paw, pulling him inside.

 James shook the fantasy from his mind as he reached for the doorbell, and pressing it with a paw pad. "Bad puppy, there's time for that later." He spoke to himself, trying to keep the nude Zig in his mind somewhat at bay.

 "Time for what later, James?" Zig had slid open the door, and James nearly had to pull his eyes and tongue back into his head. She was wearing a long emerald green silk dress, cut Japanese style over her, leaving little to the imagination as it sensually wraps down her body. Two large pink lilies were wrapped from front to rear on the dress, the petals a soft, light pink. The neck was cut high, but the shoulders were bare, and a violet hem rode down her left side, to mid thigh, where the dress was opened downward, to end at her ankle, allowing her long legs to show. The white three inch heels finished the outfit nicely. Even her hair was styled, pulled to fall down the right side of her face, her blue eyes near shimmered, as she registered James's reaction with a soft smile.

 "Uhrrrr....." James had tried, unsuccessfully to regain nerve control of his mouth and tongue, so Zig had kissed him lightly on the mouth, until he was able to return the kiss warmly. "You look stunning as always, love."

  "It was Lillian's idea, she had designed the dress for a week, getting it just right." Zig turned and shown him the back, cut to just under her shoulder blades, and hugging her rear, her volumous tail even had a small violet ribbon bow tied at the tip.

 "Now I know why she got the awards for her designs, you look incredible." James made a mental note to send a thank you gift to Lillian on her working with Zig-Zag. "Are you ready hun?"

 Zig smiled as she reached for her pocketbook, but James waved his paw with a smile.

 "Tonight is my buy, a pocketbook on you now wouldn't look right." James smiled as he opened the door for her.

 "Ah, now you are the fashion expert ?" Zig smiled as she walked, he paw tucked into his arm as they walked to his Suburban, parked in her driveway.


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