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Mirror'd Images

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 (Please note, this story will be updated roughly every week, or as time allows.This story is copywrited Joseph A. Bullard, and the character's respected furs in the story are copywrited by thierplayers.  Please be patient, and please, do not copy, or edit it, and call the story yours,  Its mine, k?)

                               A lone nightengale sang from a low hanging
                            branch of a white petaled dogwook tree
                            bordering the palace grounds of Mezu
                            prefecture, Edo, Japan. The sun hadn't
                            risen yet, and would be a good two hours
                            before it had. Yet, a single fur was
                            awake, seeking solace in the temple
                            gardens, preferring the company of the
                            nightengale's song, and her thoughts in
                            her mind.

                               A female sat near her favorite place,
                            consisting of various temples, courtyards,
                            and private palaces of the Daimyo,
                            (lordship), sitting in near darkness, but
                            her senses clear and sharp around her,
                            mostly from her training as guardian to
                            the Shogunite, Lord Tokugawa, his wife
                            Sherri, and Kiyomi,the only daughter of
                            Tokugawa, crowned princess of Edo Fields.

                            She only ventured outside after seeing the
                            family was safe, and notifying the palace
                            guard she would be outside in the gardens
                            and to be notified in case an emergency.

                            Her official title was 'Personal Guardian
                            to Kiyomi Tokugawa', but she was hardly
                            just a guardian. She was Kyomi's best
                            friend, confidant, and sister, yet adopted
                            daughter to Tokugawa. Her title also
                            afforded her confortable living, the best
                            in servant care, even in a place in the
                            Emporer's will, after he passes away, but
                            thankfully, that dosent appear soon.

                            The place she sat was where a palace guard
                            found her as but a toddler, hastilly
                            carried in the arms of a family friend
                            after her village was raided by bandits,
                            leaving her without parents. The family
                            friend had stumbled onto the grounds and
                            died, leaving Yasha clutching the woman's
                            bloodied robe, an arrowhead embedded in
                            her back.

                            The guard sounded the alarm and awoke the
                            Emporer, but the female died before
                            telling anyone of the toddler's name or
                            family. The only things identifying the
                            little girl was a torn and tatterd outfit
                            with 'Yasha' sewn into the back of the
                            collar, identifying the garment as hers,
                            along with a small silver medalion on a
                            cord round her neck, inscribed was a
                            single kanji word,'Loyalty', which had
                            been her keepsake since her birth.

                            Yasha reached with two fingers and touched
                            the medalian, remade into a choker around
                            her throat, set into a piece of thick
                            violet cotton, a striking contrast to the
                            off white-grey fur of her throat. Standing
                            at only 5'2 tall, Yasha was a bit shorter
                            than females of her breed and age. Being a
                            skunk, she had the standard markings, but
                            the colors were lighter and reversed,
                            being white/grey instead of black/white.
                            Her eyes are a stunning grey-green, hair
                            long white wave to the small of her back,
                            combed over the right side of her face,
                            covering a nasty scar, suffered when she
                            was slashed from the attack on her home.
                            Her hands and feet had the requisite
                            gloves and boots of contrasting grey to
                            her white furred arms and legs. Her tail
                            was thick and white, with a grey stripe to
                            the tip, flopping backward as she walked.

                            "Mayhaps I need to get to sleep." Yasha
                            spoke to herself as she stood, pulling on
                            her Geta sandals, adjusting the robes to
                            her kimono and dress. Smiling up to the
                            nightengale for accompanying her with the
                            soothing music her spirit needed to hear,
                            she departed back to her chambers.

                            "Was your outing pleasant, Miss Yasha?",
                            the guard asked as she walked past. Being
                            newly assigned the post, he wasn't used to
                            the company.

                            "It was refreshing, and much needed, thank
                            you, ....umm..." Yasha's ear flopped to
                            the side as she realised she hadn't seen
                            him before. "May I ask your name?"

                            "I'm Zander." The male wolf beamed as he
                            had a chance to say more than good morning
                            to anyone before. He was just out of
                            training, and his eyes were bright, and
                            his tail wagged as he spoke. "Thank you
                            for taking the time to talk to me,

                            "No need to be so formal when I'm alone."
                            Yasha smiled pleasantly as she spoke.
                            "Mayhaps we may talk again when your off
                            duty, but my duties are to Lady Kiyomi
                            first, but then..."

                            "But then what, Yasha dear?" a female
                            voice sounded from behind the white-fured
                            mephit, almost causing Zander to jump out
                            of his skin as he snapped to attention.
                            "Looking to escape with our newest guard?"
                            she giggled as she stood in the doorway to
                            her chambers.

                            "You are awake, Lady Kiyomi?" Yasha bowed
                            as Zander stayed at attention.

                            "Hai, I heard you talking as I was getting
                            a drink of water." Kiyomi smiled a bit as
                            she stretched her arm above her head with
                            a murr. She stood at a nice 5'4 height,
                            with raven black hair, to the middle of
                            her back, striking blue eyes her mother's
                            no doubt, but the dark, smoke grey fur,
                            and the panther features, make no mistake
                            her lineage to her father, along with his
                            intellect, but strenthened by her mother's
                            grace. Her four foot tail swayed behind
                            her, often conveying her moods. She was
                            currently dressed in a small silken kimono
                            that fit tightly around her, vivid colored
                            in emerald green with lilys, down to mid
                            thigh. "I heard you wishing to escape if
                            you had the time with poor Zander there?"

                            "Oh, yes Kiyomi, I was just wondering if
                            you were going to alert the other guards?"
                            Yasha poked her tongue out at the
                            pantheress with an exaggerated wink, as
                            Zander blushed crimson, trying to keep his

                            "Well, if you do go out, do try to make it
                            back by lunch, with Zander in one piece,
                            with details." Kiyomi smiled as she waved,
                            entering her room with a yawn.

                            "Yes my Lady, good evening." Yasha bowed
                            as the pantheress slid the door shut with
                            a klack. "Ill report again in the

                            Yasha bowed to Zander smiling as he
                            visibly relaxed, entering her own room,
                            and securing the door. As she slipped into
                            bed, her thoughts returned to what had
                            been troubling her the previous few

                            The 'Tournament-of-Edo-Fields' were fast
                            approaching, only a few days away. She was
                            training for her second year back, having
                            placed within the top 4 competitors, and
                            was highly favored to win. But besides
                            that, the nightmares from a past she had
                            no reccollection of was draining her mind
                            and spirit as she slept, wearing her out
                            to the point of taking mid afternoon naps
                            to recover. If she was to keep from
                            embarrassing herself in the Tournament,
                            she had to get her head on straight, while
                            she had the chance.


                            Yasha awoke the next morning with a start,
                            being jolted from her dream with a muffled
                            wail and her face deep in her pillow. She
                            couldn't remember what happened, but it
                            certainly scared her. She placed her her
                            paw on the side of her face and felt

                            Jumping out of bed to the bathroom, she
                            ran and cleaned the blood off her face
                            from a scratch in side of her face,
                            looking like the scar had opened up again.

                            Now she was really confused. "The scar is
                            twenty years old, no way it should have
                            opened again!" She rubbed an oitment on
                            the cut, holding a towel over her eye. The
                            oitment gave off a slight irritant, which
                            caused her eyes to water a bit.

                            After breakfast, she discussed what
                            happened when she awoke, to Kiyomi as they
                            took thier customary walk around the
                            palace grounds. The sky was a bit
                            overcast, but the air was pleasantly warm,
                            and breesy. The walk was a daily ritual
                            for them both.

                            "Mayhaps you scratched at yourself during
                            your sleep, you're lucky you didn't get
                            your eye, it would've been serious."
                            Kiyomi replied as she looked at the scar
                            with a trained eye. She had studied
                            medicine and healing magics for about 3
                            years from tutors that stayed with the
                            family. But she was clearly baffled.

                            "Yes my lady." Yasha replied as they
                            rounded a corner to a side courtyard,
                            where the guards were training thier
                            routines and katas. With permission, Yasha
                            walked off the walkway, and joined in
                            doing the form with the guards, unzipping
                            the side of her tight kimono dress from
                            her knee to the outer side of her hip, so
                            she could finish the form with the two
                            required kicks, finishing in a cat stance.

                            Kiyomi smiled and applauded, along with a
                            few other students. "Well done
                            Yasha-nesan, no wonder you're highly
                            favored in the tournament."

                            "Well it is my favorite kata of the set,
                            right sensai?" Yasha smiled pleasantly as
                            the teacher bowed to Kiyomi, and the
                            students followed suit.

                            "Sensai, a question...?" A young male wolf
                            raised his paw as he knelt down. "Why must
                            we have our arms to the front as we kick,
                            its easier if we hold them to the side for
                            balance and more power"?

                            "I thought you were gonna ask her for a
                            kiss." A young puma male with black fur
                            poked the wolf in the ribs as he stage-
                            -whispered just loud enough for everyone
                            to hear. The teacher even cracked  a smile
                            as Yasha's ears pinked considerably.

                            "Come to the front for a demonstration,
                            Ura." The teacher pointed to the
                            whispering puma up to the platform with a
                            side ways smile to Yasha. He was a stocky
                            husky wearing a grey workout gi, with a
                            multistrpied black belt. "If you can
                            successfully hit Yasha as she does the
                            kata, without you getting hit in return,
                            she'll kiss you and Graytail both."

                            The group of students hooted and cheered
                            as Ura stoood up and walked to the
                            platform. "Im going to enjoy planting a
                            wet one on you Miss Yasha."

                            "I'm sure it'll be a memmorable lesson."
                            Yasha asssumed her defensive stance, her
                            paws ready for Ura to start the attack.
                            "Sweeping Blades."

                            Ura started the attack with a punch, and
                            ducked as Yasha blocked the punch, then
                            threw her left leg over his head in a

                            "First Blade !" the instructor barked out
                            each attack in succession as the kata
                            flowed in front of the students, with
                            Kiyomi watching carefully. Yasha spun
                            around, sweeping her leg out to trip Ura.
                            "Second Blade !"

                            Ura jumped back over the sweep, and then
                            grabbed her collar, pulling her up to her
                            toes, even with his eyes, being a good 4
                            inches taller and 40 pounds heavier.
                            Instead of him attacking Yasha, he planted
                            a wet kiss on her mouth, fully and hard,
                            holding her head in his huge paws so she
                            couldn't move away.

                            "Yeeepppp... Mllrrrlpphhh!!!" Yasha's eyes
                            widened as she was kissed so blantantly,
                            but what really infuriated her was his
                            pressing his tongue against her clenched

                            Ura just stood and grinned evily, proud of
                            himself as he readied for Yasha's attack,
                            as he held her collar tight.

                            Yasha broke off the kata, and took it into
                            her own hands before the instructor could
                            break the hold, and Kiyomi put her paw out
                            to him, to let Yasha continue.

                            Yasha clamped Ura's hands tight to her
                            top, with her left paw, while driving her
                            right arm hard up into his elbows, causing
                            him to yelp. She then flared her arm out
                            to the left, sweeping his arms from her.

                            Before Ura could pull away, Yasha grabbed
                            his left arm tightly, raising her hand to
                            block his next strike at her muzzle.
                            "Hook, Fourth and Fifth Blades !"

                            Yasha held Ura's wrist and applied
                            counter-clockwise pressure to keep him
                            from falling over, then kicked her left
                            foot and connected his muzzle fairly hard,
                            but keeping her power in check. Planting
                            her left foot down in a twist stance, she
                            then spun herself out in a blurr, her right
                            rear side to Ura, driving a devastating rear
                            kick to his ribs knocking him back about  
                            eight feet after letting his paw go.

                            Lady Kiyomi's mouth hung open as Yasha
                            held her leg out in the kick, fully
                            extending her leg for effect.

                            The instructor pointed to the fallen
                            student, while mentioning the points of
                            the technique to the others. "That kata
                            was flawless, however you must remember to
                            release your opponents hand before the
                            second kick connects. Otherwise you risk
                            injury or breaking your ankle, knee, leg,
                            or foot, due to the closeness of the kick,
                            and the extension of the leg. The power
                            you generate in a rear-side kick is
                            immense, you're using the strongest
                            muscles in your legs for the kick."

                            Yasha nodded as she satknelt down to the

                            Ura growled as he stood, his fur
                            bristling, his eyes red in rage. "That is
                            no lady, she'll never survive a street
                            fight !" He lept up as Yasha sat down,
                            readying to stomp both footpaws on her
                            tail. "Charging Ram ."

                            Yasha reacted by twisting to her left,
                            planting her right foot beside her left
                            knee, readying for the punch and rush at
                            her. But, the attack never came.

                            "Improvise this, Yasha !" Ura leered as he
                            crouched next to the kneeling skunkette,
                            grinning. He then splayed his claws and
                            raked them up the side of her face, up her
                            vulnerable right side, cutting her deeply
                            from her jaw to her eye. "Dragon Slash and
                            Stomp !"

                            Yasha screamed out in pain as she fell
                            backward, clutching her bloodied face,
                            rolling to avoid Ura's double footpaw
                            stomp aimed at her head, sweeping her leg
                            out in sheer desperation to knock Ura off
                            his feet somehow. But as he did before, he
                            jumped over her sweep, and grabbed her by
                            her hair, and kissed her a second time,
                            mocking her.

                            But after kissing her again, Yasha was
                            ready to fight back, and to end this
                            quickly. She headbutted Ura under the
                            chin, and sidestepped, driving her elbow
                            into his chest, knocking the wind out of
                            his lungs. She then dropped her fist,
                            smashing his jewels, then slid her elbow
                            in a blurr up to Ura's muzzle, dizzying
                            him. "Feet of Lightning !" Yasha jumped
                            straight up, and drove both her feet with
                            a thundering crack, as her skirt flared
                            kicking into the side of Ura's head,
                            flipping him backward off the training
                            area, landing on his side, knocked
                            unconsious, as Yasha landed heavilly on
                            her hands and knees, and falling to her

                            Kiyomi jumped up and ran to Yasha's side,
                            grabbing a towel and helping Yasha sit up.
                            "Yasha, sis, are you alright? Let me see
                            your face."

                            Yasha moaned a bit as she turned and faced
                            Kiyomi, her eyes kept closed. There were
                            three long cuts, two fairly deep, and
                            bloodying the side of her face. The cuts
                            were open and from the jaw to her eye.
                            Kiyomi pressed the towel to Yasha's cheek,
                            the blood wasnt flowing, but Yasha needed
                            a healer's help. Hopefully a healer would
                            be able to close the wounds with minimal

                            Kiyomi reached for a small wood flute, and
                            gave 3 short blasts. Within 15 seconds,
                            two snow leopards, royal palace guardians
                            dressed in purple and white battle robes
                            arrived and flanked Kiyomi and Yasha,
                            awaiting the orders of the princess.

                            "Yasha, hold this tight..." Kiyomi gave
                            Yasha the towel.
                            "Teacher, I need that student awake." She
                            watched as the students gathered around
                            Ura, still out cold. Her voice was low and
                            her tail wagged very slow.

                            "Yes my Lady." The teacher reached for a
                            small packet of smelling salts, breaking
                            them open, and waving them under Ura's
                            nose, reviving and helping him stand.

                            Kiyomi stepped over to Ura, with the
                            leopards beside her, her tailtip wagging
                            angrilly. "You made an attempt to tear off
                            my beloved sister's face, and mocked her
                            and me by foolishly resorting to...."

                            "Well, aparently..." Ura started to reply,
                            interrupting Kiyomi, but was quickly
                            silenced by the snowleopard's huge paw,
                            clamping his muzzle shut, and grasping a
                            huge section of the nape of Ura's neck.
                            Sending a numbing shock down to his knees,
                            buckling them, forcing Ura to kneel down.

                            "You are NOT to interrupt Lady Kiyomi
                            while she is addressing you. You will only
                            respond when she wants you to answer, but
                            if you interrupt Lady Kiyomi again, i'll
                            personally rip your tongue out !" The
                            leopard stood a good foot taller and
                            appeared to be cut from granite, his
                            yellow eyes drilling into the fox's skull.
                            "Nod if you understand, whelp !"

                            Ura nodded, eyeing the leopard warily.

                            "You retaliated against Yasha after being
                            shown a kata. And you also humiliated her
                            by scarring her face, and kissing her, not
                            once but twice !" Kiyomi folded her arms
                            in front of her chest.

                            "I bet that was her first kiss from a
                            male." Ura snapped at the leopard's paw
                            going for his muzzle. "Unless you were the
                            first to kiss her, then that would mean
                            she wouldn't be interested in males."

                            Kiyomi growled and slapped Ura hard across
                            the mouth, her ears flat, and her voice
                            shrill in a his, her tailtip wagging in a
                            blur. "Do you realize I can have you
                            killed for that insult? You'd better be
                            thankful I'm in a forgiving mood. You are
                            an embarrassment to the palace and to the
                            province. I intend to make you pay for
                            your absurdity toward my sister and me
                            today for the rest of your despicable life

                            Kiyomi sent for another fur from the
                            palace, a notetaker from her fathers
                            council. Decana was a long blond haired,
                            female feline, dressed in a simple grey
                            kimono, black pants with the kanji symbol
                            for 'Council' embroidered on her robe.

                            She carried a scroll and an inkpad with
                            her, she wrote the minutes of the council
                            meetings. Her demeaner was quiet, but her
                            knowledge of law made her an indespensible
                            asset to Kiyomi's father's team of

                            "You called for me, Kiyomi-sama?" Decana
                            bowed as she stood beside Yasha. "What
                            happened here?"

                            "Decana, a situation has risen here. And I
                            need your and the council's approval for
                            an ordinance here." Kiyomi stared straight
                            at Ura. "Please copy this to file, and
                            have council review this."

                            Decana readied with the quill and ink
                            stamp, and copied as Kiyomi stated the new

                            "Since Ura decided to retaliate against
                            Yasha, by using unjust force and injured
                            her. Let this new ordinance be passed."
                               Kiyomi started, her arms crossed in front
                            of her chest. "Any fur, male or female,who
                            lives or visits here, assaults another
                            fur in an attempt to injure or kill with
                            little regard for thier safety, be
                            immediately arrested, and charged in the
                            attack. The severity of the punishment
                            shall match the injury to the victim. From
                            a warning to the attacker if little or no
                               injury is found, to death by execution if
                            death happens to the victim or a female
                            looses a unborn if pregnant and attacked."

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