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(Pictured above is a gorgeous 1973 Chevelle SS 454 Wagon LS-4, 1 of only 14 built for Canada !!!)
(NOTE: If you know of any wagon like this-mid 70's mid size American wagon for sale, AMC, Buick, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GM,, or Pontiac with a v8 and in good shape... email me please... -Yasha)
  Hello and welcome to the Garage at Edo Fields, where you'll find the S.D.E. (Skunk Delivery Express)

  Here you'll see plans for the wagon currently owned by Joseph, with links to and other such sites of intrest to all types of car enthusiasts.
  As seen on the update page, the wagon has finished out it's life. The transmission is fried, and is too much to repair, with wages Joseph gets, along with rent. So the car is gonna be junked. There was no work done to it, just plans. So he didn't lose anything in parts, just will miss a nice riding wagon. Another project may appear soon, if Joseph gets another wagon, but hopes are low. So if anyone has a wagon for sale, cheap, or a midsized american car or Chevy Astro Van that runs well, let us know here with a way to contact you....                           
  Thankee... -Yasha