Living Room
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Yasha: [slides open the rice paper door, greeting you with a bow.] "Hello, and welcome to my home. Please come inside but remove your shoes and leave them by the door. Here you'll find links to comic sites, the Mucks I frequent, and other areas in my home here. If you'll have a seat, I'll get you someth.... ara?"

    [Yasha looks up as another skunk arrives in the living room out of breath.]

     Kimono: [hurries inside from the garage] "Sister, we have a guest, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

      Yasha: [smiles, and waves her paw to Kimono] "They just arrived, I was just greeting them inside. This is Kimono-skunk, my twin Brother."

       Kimono: [checks the guests address bar, to be sure they aren't lost, then hurries, cleaning up the living room of anime comics, wrappers, and various drawings] "Good Lord Yasha, you didn't clean up before they arrived?"

        Yasha: [anime sweatdrops] "Err.. heh.. I was online. Gomen nasai, brother."

         Kimono: [BONKS Yasha on her head with his paw] "Bakka, you're on FurryMuck for hours! Yasha-nesan, hurry and get our guest some tea. They are still in the doorway, looks like they got the package from the mail already..."

  K'sharra: [arrives from the driveway, carrying her art supplies, laptop, to her room upstairs] "Hey everyone, I'll just put my things upstairs..                        ...umm, who's this ?" [she asks as she points a fingerpad toward the guest.]

         Yasha & Kimono: [nods, their faces in a blurr.] "We have a guest, a real live guest!"

         K'sharra: [blinks, as an anime sweatdrop slides down her cheek.] "Err.... you know they are still standing in the doorway ?"

          Yasha: [smiles and hop-skips to the sofa to clear a space for the guest, amidst the comics, newspapers, and a soda can or two.]

          K'sharra: [stops at the base of the steps.] "You guys don't have guests here very often ?"

           Kimono: [shakes his head and shrugs.] "Nope, Yasha tends to pamper them too much.  She had the pizza delivery guy here for an hour and a half last Friday night."

           K'sharra: [ Facepaws... ^-^; ]

          Yasha: [Defends herself, appearing doe-eyed, looking quite innocent.] "Hey he was kyoote, and he did give us the pizza sticks for free too!"
[She gets up to go upstairs for a few minutes.]

         [Yasha returns, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, feeling a bit frazzled. Just as a shapely female bunny arrived, walking in from the driveway.]

 Anna: [smiles to the guest.] "Hey y'all, is Sweet Pea ready ? A'hm here ta take him out ta dinnah tonight. Who's the new face sittin onna couch?" [Hands Yasha a package.] "Ups was droppin' this off when I pulled up sugah."
         Joseph: [arrives from garage] "Hey, I saw Kimono run inside while I was working on the wagon in the garage. Err... who's this?"

         Yasha & Kimono: [grins] "We have a guest, a real Guest...!"

          Joseph: [looks confused at the guest] Are you sure they typed the right address, they looked kinda lost... Waitaminute..[sees the package from outside] They are delivering the parts for my wagon."

       Yasha/Kimono: [growls and chases Joseph out of the room, then returns a minute later, giving each other a high 4, grinning fiendishly]

        Yasha: [sees the package and opens it, gets visibly animated at the contents.] "WooooHooo, Comic Shipment, Comic Shipment!!! Gold Digger, Hepcats, Sabrina On-line, Max Black Rabbit, Caterwaul, Ah My Goddess, Gunsmith Cats, heee heee....."

         [Everyone does a happy skunk dance at the  newly arrived books]

        Guest: [points to Kimono's paw] "Err.... Kimono, what are you holding?"

         Kimono: [looks in his paw] "mmm... not really sure. I grabbed it going for Joe's foot as he dove neath the wagon, but it..."

         [A loud Ka-Ruuunnch sounds from the garage, shaking the floor followed by a muffled moan. Kimono and Anna runs outta the room to try to get the wagon onto the jackstands, as Yasha calls 9-1-1.]

        Yasha: [on phone with 9-1-1 operator] "Yes,  umm, Edo Fields again. no... the skunks are fine. Huh? the wagon came off the  jack. Huh? No... it's not our fault... err this time. Just bring a huge spatula from the pizza shop across the street, hurry!!!

         [An ambulance pulls up and paramedics remove Joseph from under the wagon and onto the stretcher, looking painfully flat.]

         Yasha: [holds up the comics showing everyone] "Hey Joe... I'll bring the comics up to you when you come out of ICU..."

         [Everyone joines the skunks as they see Yasha and Kimono does the Happy Skunk dance... The paramedics, Joe (wrapped in bandages and splints) and you join in. The mayhem lasts a few seconds, then everything returns to semi normal, and the ambulance pulls out of the driveway with Joe in the back.]

         Yasha: [hands you the comics to read as she goes to the hospital, while Joe is de-flattened] Herego, have a look at the comics, see the links for the comic webpages, or stroll to the garage for the car links hanging on the wall, or to the art pages for various drawings and such from the net. Any questions or                            suggestions? Please leave an email.